IMG_5785.jpg is the blog and marketplace of Bendt Lizzy Y.

Bendt Lizzy Y (they/them/theirs or she/her/hers pronouns) is a transgender, nonbinary artist, programmer, and musician. They have a day job they are happy with, and do not talk about on this website. 

Topics covered may include, but are certainly not limited to : queer interests, polyamory, dating, predictive modeling, machine learning, generative art, programming, gardening, cooking, skateboarding, longboarding, finance, budgeting, investing, Buddhism, book reviews, art, comics, automation, system design, principles, and more!


Any advice you think you come across on this site is your own responsibility. Any commentary, predictive analysis, etc, regarding potential investments, should not be taken as advice Bendt Lizzy Y, or anyone else, has given to you. Predictions or commentary here do not constitute any sort of professional recommendation, such would require entering into contract with Bendt Lizzy Y, and Bendt is not currently taking clients.

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